Dieter’s Guide: Knowing the Fat-Makers

Dieting has been a trend for the past decades.  Many people aim to have sexier and fitter body however, only few pass the test.  It is easy to lose weight when we know the things that would make us fat.  You may be having a lot of exercises and drinking bunch of diet pills, but it doesn’t mean you’re on your way in removing fats.

Below are the foods we tend to eat which gives us tons and tons of fats and you may want to get rid of them:

1.      High-Fat Meals
Are you fond of having midnight snacks?  Do you prefer ordering a pizza rather than cooking homemade dishes?  Well, you may not notice it but consuming so much of fast foods are making your fats grow bigger each day.  Salad, dairy products, meats, chocolates, and other delicious snacks can be very satisfying but eating them often will make your fats burst no matter how much you exercise.  When choosing meals, you may want to opt for low-fat dairy products and non-fat dressing for your salad.  Watch out your consumption of red meat as well.

2.      Non Fiber or Low Fiber Foods

Fiber plays an indispensable role in proper digestion and fast metabolism.  Adding fiber-rich foods in your daily diet will definitely save your body from accumulating more fats.  Fiber-rich foods are everywhere.  You can pair your breakfast with an apple or some cereals.  Pineapple is rich in fiber as well and contains L-Carnatine that burns fats.

3.      Too much consumption of Non-Fat Foods
Even though you’re only eating non-fat foods, too much eating can still produce tons of fats in your body especially when you don’t have severe physical activities.  Being moderate in eating is still the best diet tip.

4.      Liquor
When you drink alcohol, your body fat-burning capacity slows down- tendency is more fats will get stuck on your cells every time you drink alcohol and eat.  A study has shown that drinking beer or any other kind of liquor after meal can increase your calories up to 350!  So before your stomach gets bigger, you may want to switch off your drinking vise.

5.      Skipping Meal time

Skipping meals is a big “no no”.  When you starve yourself in lunch, it’s pretty sure that you will crave more on dinner.  Eating on the right time and having little low-fat snacks is highly recommended.
If you think skipping meals will make you thin, you’re just pushing yourself to gain more weight by making your body to crave for food.  Tendency is to overeat.

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