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    Successful Diet Tips

    There are many diets on the market, some more extreme than others in terms of what you can and can't eat. However, there are a number of diet tips that can be applied to any weight loss plan, even if you want to just go it alone and shave a few calories from your diet here and there. Here are some tried and tested diet tips to help whittle away your waist and help the pounds fall away.
    -Many of us are trained to clean our plates. To diet easily without depriving yourself, look at the size of your dinner plate. Choose a smaller one and don’t pile up the food on it. Lay the food you plan to eat out on one layer. Avoid going back for seconds.
    -When you are on a diet, make sure you are sitting down at a table and not distracting yourself. Eat slowly and mindfully to avoid wolfing food down without even tasting it. Do not do anything else while eating, like check email or talk on the phone. Chew your food slowly and savor the taste and flavor of every bite.
    -Eat small portions of a variety of foods while you are on a diet, to eliminate cravings or feeling deprived. There is no need for forbidden foods on a diet if you just have a taste.
    -Keep a food diary on your diet, to note your eating habits, and see where your weak spots are. If you are eating most of your calories at night, try to come up with some strategies to distract yourself or get through these danger times on your diet without eating as many calories.
    -Eat lots of fresh fruit while on your diet. Fruit has a high-water to calorie ratio, plus fiber to help you feel full.
    -If you’re craving a sweet chewy snack, avoid candy and opt for a healthier alternative like prunes, apricots, or other dried fruits. Just remember not to eat too much-the calories can add up, and they can have a laxative effect.
    -Don’t punish yourself for naughty foods on your diet. Instead, make a deal with yourself, like “I can eat whatever I want so long as I have a non-creamy soup and salad with low fat non-creamy dressing first.” Those two items will fill you up and stop you from over-indulging. (cream adds tons of calories from fat, so it’s best to avoid it!)
    -Remember your ratio for weight loss on your diet. 2000 calories=1 pound gained. 3500 calories=1 pound lost. Do the math to help you stay on track with the help of a free online diet calculator.
    -Avoid commercial fast-food like the plague. Go for quick and easy recipes cooked by yourself at home. Cook several servings at the same time to have enough for leftovers for lunch or dinner, or your own homemade TV dinners you can store in a plastic container in the freezer which you can zap in the microwave quickly any time to have a wholesome meal in minutes.
    Always bring a healthy snack with you to avoid temptation in public while on your diet.
    Always eat salad and some lean protein before you go out for a party or social occasion like a dinner out in a restaurant. It will stop you binging, and the energy spikes that come with starving on your diet and then indulging.
    Keep your toothbrush and mouthwash handy after every meal when you diet. Not only will it help keep your mouth fresh, food never tastes quite so yummy before or after you’ve brushed your teeth.

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