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    Even More successful Weight Loss Tips

    There are many diet plans that claim to help you succeed in losing weight. But a great deal of successful weight loss has to do with common sense, not buying the latest book or purchasing a ton of weight loss foods, pills and supplements.
    Here are a few handy tips you can use every day to help you lose weight, and keep it off.
    -Get more sleep. Scientists now know that chemicals in the brain which are released when we sleep in a dark room actually help control weight loss. In addition, this is a matter of common sense. The more hours you are awake, the more opportunity you have to eat. We eat to even stay awake at times, for example, when we have a cup of coffee and a snack, usually a high calorie or high-carbohydrate one. So get more sleep and watch the weight melt away.
    -Timing is everything. Scientists have shown that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. It gives you the fuel you need to get through school or office work, and helps keep blood sugar even and cravings down. We also know that eating too many calories at night after 7PM tends to pack on the pounds. Make sure you don't eat too late, but don’t eat so early either that by 9PM you're ready to snack.
    -Trick yourself into eating less. There are a number of ways to cut down on the number of calories you eat per meal, to lose weight and still feel full. For instance, try having 8 walnuts or a piece of cheese and a couple of olives as an appetizer about twenty minutes before you eat your main meal. They will help you feel full, and also help cut cholesterol, because they are healthy fats. Soup very filling, and we often associate soup and salad at the start of a meal with going out for a nice dinner. We can feel really satisfied with a lot less fattening food if we start each lunch and dinner with soup and salad so long as nothing is cream-based.
    -You are what you drink, too.
    Another weight loss success strategy is to look at all the calories you are getting from what you drink. Soda, fruit juices, wine, beer and alcohol can all add up to a lot of calories really quickly. They can also create havoc with your appetite, especially alcohol. It often makes people hungry, or lures them into eating fattening food on the way home from the bar. Fruit juices, even the 100% ones, can add up to a lot of calories if people drink a glass with every meal.
    Milk and cream-based drinks such as those in popular coffee houses are a diet disaster waiting to happen. They can have more saturated fat and calories in them than an entire fast food meal.
    A couple of glasses of low fat milk have been identified as good for helping to lose weight, but avoid too many smoothies, shakes and other milky drinks. If you want a refreshing fruity beverage, try a spritzer made of seltzer with a dash of juice, and even a splash of wine for a low calorie cocktail.
    These simple tips can help you watch out for empty calories in your diet, and slim down without starving.

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