University Of South Australia Enterprise Agreement

If you have any questions, I advise you to send an email to the university`s corporate negotiation team in or visit the website of the Trading University for more information. There is no doubt that the new discussions with the unions will build on the solid foundation we have created in previous agreements and strengthen our culture of advice and cooperation so that UniSA can deliver on our promise to our students and achieve our strategy as the Australian Corporate University. While UniSA was engaged with its employees, students and the community regarding the strategic future, the corporate negotiation teams of UniSA, NTEU and CPSU continued our productive negotiations. The university has been working on the details of the new corporate agreement since announcing an agreement in principle on key issues last December. It took longer than expected, but it is important that the details are developed, discussed and agreed in order to ensure that we have an agreement that positions the university for the future and an agreement that all parties can support. The new company agreement and a comprehensive guide explaining the changes, including an overview of clause by clause, and other important documents are available on the website of the University of Corporate Negotiation. If the hyperlink does not work, you can copy the following link into your web browser A company agreement shall lay down the conditions of employment of the workers covered by the agreement. It is negotiated as part of a public procurement security network to help employers and workers define employment conditions that support their needs. [0] "If we are not accepted by the vote, we will take other necessary steps to reduce labor costs," dr. Sally Eastoe wrote, openly explaining what the university wants to do here.

SAET may also give instructions or instructions when the parties are trying to negotiate an agreement. A party to a company agreement may submit an application for authorisation, registration or amendment to SAET. There are a number of important issues that still need to be resolved, including wages, but we look forward to working constructively with the unions to place all elements of our negotiations in a robust and modern agreement for the University of South Australia. To view an official copy of a company agreement, please contact SAET Registry. The Enterprise Agreement and the New Contract Guide can be viewed by clicking on the following icons: If you are a party to a signed contract, you must request a SAET authorization within 21 days for SAET to approve it. After approval, the agreement will enter into force. Saet`s mission is to approve the agreement if it meets certain requirements of the Fair Work Act 1994. For more details on the voting and approval process, check out the Corporate Trading University`s website and the complete guide explaining the changes to the new corporate agreement. We are now meeting #15 after a brief pause between the discussions until October, in order to advance the elaboration of the points on which we agree in principle. At the first meeting, on March 22, we discussed the minutes and then agreed with whom our negotiations on companies will take place. These protocols build on the previous enterprise bargaining process, conducted in 2013/2014, and build on the positive and constructive relationships and processes between the university and the unions.

We also agreed to meet every two weeks in the coming months and to alternate the chairmanship of meetings between the parties. The business negotiation process offers us all the opportunity to take into account and discuss our current terms and conditions of employment and develop them in order to promote positive, safe and productive employment. . . .