Services Agreement Force Majeure

– It is possible to say that the parties considered that the failure of one party to immediately inform the other party of the cause of its non-performance or the failure to provide all possible information on the expected duration of the case should prevent the party concerned from any confidence in the event of force majeure, unless the treaty provides otherwise, The words "force majeure event" or "force majeure" are limited: while MSPs and customers at this time seem to understand and accept changes in the way the service is provided, I think we all recognize that the longer it lasts, the more likely it is that questions will arise with requests that need to be answered. It is therefore essential that we are one step ahead of the situation and that we value our agreements. I hope that this language, for example, will help you get off to a good start. (ii) mitigate the effects of delays caused by an event of force majeure, including by using alternative sources acceptable to both parties (neither party of which may refuse to accept inappropriately) sources of services, equipment and materials; and whether the termination of a contract is due to force majeure is a question of law that depends on the contractual conditions and the facts that occurred in the context of the present case. Speak to one of our business solicitors for force majeure in London on +44 20 7036 9282 and under to view the force majeure event clauses in business contracts. If a company has to be relieved by events that lead to this result, they should be mentioned in the contract, except by means of a force majeure clause. It may be for the supply of goods, services or any other obligation. Force majeure events are circumstances defined in a contract that interrupt a party`s ability to provide a business agreement. .

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