Service User Agreement Domiciliary Care

9.1 We want to allow you, or anyone acting on your behalf, to share your views and thoughts with us and to firmly believe, through listening and learning, that we are improving the quality of the services we provide and that we encourage best practices by our employees. We want to make sure that everyone communicates openly and honestly with us and invites everyone to inform us if you want to help you know your opinions. 7.7 We recognize your right to smoke if you wish. However, we also have a duty of care to our employees and ask you, as well as roommates who do not smoke as little or not at all during a visit of care to one of our employees, politely towards you and your roommates. We use the right to share them when working conditions are no longer acceptable because of the high level of smoke. The "service user" is the person who provides care to PillarCare and who may be the customer or may be the person for whom the customer orders PillarCare`s services. 9.2 We always encourage open communication about your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service we provide, and we want you to know that you can always share your experience with the service you receive and look forward to your suggestions on how to improve things. We welcome complaints and compliments and see them as a means of learning, adapting, improving and providing better services. 16.1 We are not responsible or are responsible for the non-performance or delay in the performance of our obligations for any reason, beyond our proper control, such as the acts of God (para. B example. B riots, riots, fires, floods, fuel shortages, strikes or disruptions to work and traffic disruptions, whether it is our employees or any other party).

In such a case, all reasonable efforts are made to provide health care personnel, even if such care may be suspended as long as the interruption persists. We will not be held liable to you for any losses you may have incurred and/or the costs caused by the disruption or interruption. 2.5 We will ask for your consent before giving you personal care. The care we provide will be appropriate and safe and provided by appropriate staff. 17.3 The agreement, the following terms and conditions and the care plan are all the conditions between you and us (subject to the amendments authorized in these Terms and Conditions) and are made to deal with all previous agreements and agreements regarding your care. 8.2 Guardian Angel Carers strives to provide quality, human-centred professional service and, where possible, to make improvements. Our monitoring and quality assurance agreements are in the form of samples and questionnaires, both of which concern the client. Individual monitoring and evaluation of staff is conducted at reasonable intervals and a company official may conduct an on-site screening of health care workers from time to time without notice. 7.6 For live nurses, you have an obligation to provide, at your own expense, meals for nurses in housing obligations and adequate facilities to rest and sleep for nurses on sleep tasks. They cannot deduct meal or other in-kind benefits for a caregiver from the fee charged for providing the service. You can also find more information in our live care guide. 7.4 Arrangements for Guardian Angel Carers employees to enter and leave your home are recorded on the company`s computer system and all access codes are kept confidential and shared only with the nursing staff concerned, and key code details are sent separately to healthcare personnel for obvious security reasons.

2.1 We offer you care tailored to your needs and preferences and in particular: 11.2 We make sure that the Careworker keeps daily a written record of the necessary care, any help with your medications and other important information.