Linkedin Corporate Subscription Agreement

LinkedIn provides the customer with access to services in accordance with the agreement. The customer describes the services exclusively for The purpose and specific terms of service of LinkedIn ("Conditions of Service"). Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, only staff members and contractors designated by the client are authorized to use the services ("customer users") and must be members when they have access to services through A "member" is a person who registers for the use of LinkedIn services as part of LinkedIn`s user agreement, currently available under and modified from time to time by LinkedIn ("User Agreement"). The terms of the user agreement are incorporated into this LSA. The customer ensures that users comply with the usage agreement when using the service as part of their employment. The customer can only use the services for the customer`s internal use. Unless otherwise stated in the order document, the Customer may authorize access and use of the Services to its related businesses if the Customer is fully responsible for the use of the Services by its affiliates and compliance with the agreement. With the exception of customer partners, the client will not provide access to services to third parties.

The customer will immediately and immediately notify LinkedIn if they are aware of any unauthorized use of the Services or any other security breach related to the Services. The customer has access to information provided by the customer`s users regarding users` access to LinkedIn services purchased by the customer. The customer may only use this information to the extent necessary for the use of the Services and expressly authorized in this LSA. LinkedIn can communicate with users of the services, including the use of the services. For the duration of the agreement, LinkedIn will retain economically appropriate insurance coverage, as required by law with respect to its implementation under the agreement. A copy of LinkedIn`s insurance certificate is currently available from—LinkedIn-Corp.pdf.