Homegauge Online Click Agreement

Adding your consent to HG software makes distribution easier. In addition, it itself is populated on the basis of the information you enter into the report, so that the agreement no longer needs to be changed for each review. It also gives you the ability to use the online click agreement so that you can accept this contract in advance or prevent your client from viewing the report until he agrees. Note: These steps are used for using the online click agreement with an agreement that is manually downloaded from the software. Now your client receives an email with the username and password needed to view and consent to your consent. As soon as they do, you will receive an email stating that the agreement has been reached and you can now complete the inspection. 4) We now want to allow all those who are going to the link we have just seen in the stage above to be able to view the report. For the new report posted online, go to the line that says "Public Report (Seller`s Inspection: no." You want to click on the link immediately after to change the report into a public report. Now anyone who passes on the link in the step above can check out the report. We have a webinar that covers the insertion of your inspection contract into your HomeGauge software. So, enter your agreement if you don`t use our online agreement feature. Do you need free online training now? Click here With the online click agreement is as simple as downloading a report! If you want to download the agreement that your client accepts online before the inspection, take the following steps: 5) We must now insert the link to the report in this page. While you are in the editing mode of this type of page in the text you want for the link, as for example.

B, Sample Home Inspection Report. Now, high light with the mouse of the text that has just entered, then click the "Link" button on the toolbar. A new window appears and the link for the report is entered into the URL box. Click the "Insert a Link" button and you`ve added a link to an example report on your website. You can repeat this for as many sample reports as you want to create. I use the HomeGauge service to pass on my reports to my client and his agents via the Internet, and they can be posted very easily. Please click on the link below for my sample report. Security: We take precautions to protect your data.