Double Tax Agreement Australia And Sweden

(b) a corresponding provision of another agreement; To conclude an agreement on the prevention of double taxation and the prevention of tax evasion with respect to income tax, (a) an agreement that is legally binding under this law; or 4A…… Treasurer to notify The entry into force of agreements, exchanges of letters within the framework of agreements, etc. 28 11Q……. Airline agreements with China……………… 39 (c) the exchange of letters as part of an agreement; Foreign tax means tax, with a tax other than Australia, which is the subject of an agreement. The New Zealand 2005 Protocol is the protocol concluded in Melbourne on 15 November 2005 amending the 1995 New Zealand Agreement. (i) Article 12, paragraph 1 or 2, of the Chinese agreement; Agreement: a contract or other contract described in Section 3AAA (on current agreements) or 3AAB (on agreements concluded for prior periods). The Belgian Protocol (No. 1) refers to the protocol that was implemented in Canberra on 20 March 1984 amending the Belgian agreement. (b) termination of a contract; Note: The text of the Agreement and Protocol is defined in the 1999 Australian Treaty Series, No.

36 ([1999] ATS 36). Australian territory: the area covered by Article 2, point a), of the Taipei Agreement. (b) for taxes other than withholding tax – for income in the income year beginning July 1, 1969, or for a consecutive year of income for which the agreement remains valid. In addition, Sweden has bilateral or multilateral social security agreements with the countries listed below. (a) the protocol amending the Malaysian Convention as amended by the Malaysian Protocol (No. 1); and (8) If that expression has, by virtue of a provision of an agreement, the royalties used in or in a particular provision of this agreement, that expression is, under Australian law, relating to income tax, that expression, for the purposes of this agreement or this particular provision, a, if applicable, the meaning of that expression under Article 6 , paragraph 1 of the Income Tax Act 1936. (2) The purpose of this section is to avoid double taxation of profits as long as the Commissioner considers that the taxation of profits by the contractor is in accordance with the agreement. 1. The Commissioner or an official authorized by the Commissioner may use the provisions relating to the collection of information to collect information exchanged in accordance with the Commissioner`s obligations under an international agreement. b) the agreement does not treat the amount paid as a licence fee. Note 2: Section 11R gives the force of the right to this agreement.

Vietnamese banknotes (No. 1) refer to the exchange of banknotes that took place in Canberra on November 22, 1996 with a view to amending the Vietnamese Convention. Note 2: Some current agreements become final by other provisions of this Act. (a) a (basic royalty) provision of an agreement is covered by one of the following paragraphs: (a) the agreement between Australia and the Republic of Chile to avoid double taxation on income and ancillary benefits and to prevent tax evasion; and (b) the income for which the agreement remains effective; and the British Virgin Islands Agreement refers to the agreement reached in London on 27 October 2008 between the Government of Australia and the Government of the British Virgin Islands regarding the granting of tax duties on certain personal incomes.