Apple Distributor Agreement

Selective distribution is the case when the supplier designates a distributor under a "selective distribution system" in which it appoints additional distributors only if they meet certain criteria. It is a unique system specifically used to allow the supplier to retain control of its distribution network, particularly with regard to quality control, while working with EU and UK competition rules. Selective distribution agreements are often used by luxury brands to ensure the maintenance of the quality of the product and the commercial will of the brand. Some of the rules for distribution agreements differ with respect to the application of a selective distribution model. – that the merchant will only sell certain types of goods. The reseller may use the Store Reseller under these terms and conditions to order Apple digital cash vouchers that can be exchanged for codes that can be exchanged for App Store and/or iBook Store products ("VPP credits"); where the reseller is authorized, under a separate agreement, to facilitate the sale of VPP credits, the terms of this agreement apply and control. Apple products are distributed downstream through a network of approximately 2,000 distributors, which can be categorized into two main categories based on their size and activity. With the RPOs, Apple benefited from a network whose commitments were similar to those of franchisees to distributors, without being itself subject to the obligations of a franchisor, thus depriving them of the consideration associated with this form of distribution. Thanks to the network, the company no longer had to set up its own stores throughout France, which allowed it to focus on setting up Apple Stores in the most profitable sectors.

Under difficult conditions comparable to those of an integrated economic operator, APRs could certainly assume the economic and financial risks of an independent company, but the APRs allowed Apple to market its products throughout France without having to invest in its own subsidiaries and without its direct sales (online and physical) being affected by competition. The short answer is – these companies have distribution agreements with Apple. But what is a distribution agreement and why would a simple written or oral agreement not suffice? Apple Authorized Resellers (AARs) that have a "standard" distribution agreement with Apple. Distribution agreements generally apply to a specific "territory" in which the distributor will operate. Distributors will then sometimes look for certain protections from the supplier to ensure that other distributors do not invade this area. In this context, there are a number of types of distribution agreements. Last year, the British sports television provider "Eleven Sports" signed a long-term distribution contract with the four TV operators in Portugal. The pioneering agreements meant that Eleven Sports achieved 100% distribution of pay-TV in Portugal. There was therefore no distribution between suppliers, as in the UK, with Sky, BT, ESPN, BBC, ITV, Eurosport and Amazon. Eleven Sports is the single point of contact for your sports TV needs in Portugal. Abuse of a situation of economic dependence on APRs (mainly SMEs), which has manifested itself in particular by supply difficulties, discriminatory treatment and unstable remuneration conditions for their company (unpaid rebates and balances).